Latest version of Quick Test Pro(QTP) - UFT 11.5

QTP 11.5 = UFT 11.5
Now QTP(Quick Test Professional) latest version is called UFT 11.5 (QTP 11.5) and HP has released latest version of Quick Test Pro(QTP), called UFT 11.5 (Unified Functional Testing) . For more information on UFT 11.5 , refer HP - UFT 11.5

QTP 11.5 Features :

Here we are exploring the QTP 11.5(Unified Functional Testing 11.5) features and supported technologies.

The interesting thing about the QTP 11.5 is  Image based Automation using UFT Insight , which can recognize controls in the application by their appearance.

Latest version of QTP 11.5 has having the integration with Open Source CI systems like Maven ,Hudson and Jenkins etc.
Using this feature we can integrate with any CI systems and make automatic builds .

QTP 11.5 can support mobile testing as well ,using this feature we can test out multiple mobile devices as well in simulators.

Latest Quick Test Professional 11.5  can deal with MSAA - Based controls ,these controls belong to Microsoft office and Plug-Ins.

Quick Test Pro 11.5 version can support QT Apps,Flex, PDF checkpoints, Graphic UI - Canvas ,workflows in QC/ALM and more than  20 new latest technologies .

Some other new findings in QTP 11.5 (UFT 11.5) are :
  • Use SoapUI Tests in UFT 11.5 using API
  • Work against SAP server by Importing IDocs and RFC definitions from SAP system
  • Can edit multiple testing documents simultaneously
  • Store and manage tests in SAP Solution Manager
  • Automatic export run results
  • Debug steps using the Run Step Command
  • Have checkpoints for PDF, Txt ,word,HTML AND RTF files

For more features about the QTP 11.5 , refer  QTP 11.5 features
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HP UFT 11.5 Tutorial

UFT 11.5 Tutorial
UFT 11.5 Tutorial :

HP was released the latest QTP (Quick Test Professional) version , this version called UFT 11.5 (Unified Functional Testing 11.5) and HP UFT 11.5 was launched & released in the market on Dec 06 2012 at HP Discover 2012 event conference Find some more info at HP Unified Functional Testing Software .

The added advantage in UFT 11.5 is "Image-based Object Identification", with this feature we can learn an object (Which is not identified by its ID's , Class, Html Id etc) as image based object and stores with in Object library.

In this UFT 11.5 tutorial , we will explore the " Image-based Intelligence" which discussed in above  and also "Mobile-Automation assistance" with brand new "IDE" look for QTP 11.5 .

Detailed features are covered here , for more assistance on this write back to me or leave a comment.

Tutorial of UFT 11.5 is @HP UFT 11.5 Tutorial #1   & @ UFT 11.5 Tutorial # 2

Unified Functional Testing 11.5 Tutorials :

1.UFT Tutorial - Record and Playback in QTP 11.5

2.HP UFT 11.5 Tutorial - Parametrization in UFT 11.5

3.Tutorial of Unified Functional Testing 11.5 - Insert Bitmap Checkpoint in UFT 11.5

4.Tutorial of HP UFT 11.5 - Standard Checkpoint in HP UFT 11.5

5.Basic Tutorial on UFT 11. 5 - Download QTP 11.5 trail version

6.Tutorial of HP UFT 11.5 Download

7. 30 days seat license Installation Tutorial of UFT 11.5

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UFT 11.5 Features

HP UFT 11.5 Features









HP UFT 11.5 Features :

Unified Functional Testing 11.5  from HP is going to hit the Software automation testing market soon by its prominent features and wide driven usability of automation testing requirements.

Now onwards QTP 11.5 and Service Test will be a part of  UFT 11.5 software as :

Unified Functional Testing(UFT) = QuickTest Pro(QTP) + Service Test(ST) 

Here Quick Test Professional (QTP) is functional automation testing tool and Service Test (ST) will available in single package to serve the Automation testing needs prominently.

hp uft 11.5 features are defined by its advanced accessibility of the tools which incorporated in the hp uft 11.5 interface.

HP QTP/UFT 11.5 New Features : Here we are providing the write up on top of  UFT 11.5 new features and HP UFT 11.5 advantages in automation testing  .Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is seamless interface for both functional automation (UI Automation) and API testing (ST) .

HP UFT Insight : At any point QTP is unable to recognize the application objects ? In practical ,using the Insight feature in UFT 11.5 will handle this type of challenging issues . Unified Functional Testing HP gung-ho about this Insight new feature in UFT 11.5 , HP said that   " With Image-based object identification you can now learn an object’s (or images) different states and convert that into a recognizable object within the object library " 

HP UFT  Insight feature cut down the walls with this image-based object recognition,which makes HP UFT 11.5 / QTP 11 as market leader in Function automation region .

Script Debug : On top of QTP current debugging capabilities which are limited , but Using this new feature of UFT 11.5 We can able to debug the two or more automation scripts at same time using the UFT 11.5 IDE.

Following panes are greatly added to the HP UFT  list of debug features :
  • Call Stack
  • Loaded Modules
  • Threads
  • Local Variables Pane
  • Console Pane
  • Watch
  • Debug pane.

Checkpoints : As using UFT 11.5 Checkpoints feature can directly compare the PDF  files and run the checkpoints on respective files 

CI System Integrations : Another promising feature in HP UFT 11.5 is , we can use open source Continuous Integration(CI) systems like Jenkins and Hudson.

Enhanced IDE : A brand new modern IDE for Unified Functional Testing 11.5 by HP  which answers &  competitive for many modern IDE’s like Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio etc

Mobile Testing : Another awesome feature in Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is extended Support for Mobile Testing via developing agnostic scripts and can be used on multiple mobile devices & OS on simulators as well in real devices well.

have many new features in Unified Functional Testing 11.5 such as script editing, coding, MDI, checkpoints, auto completion etc  with all these hp uft 11.5 new features adapted to HP QTP 11 features and makes these products as market leaders in automation testing as well as in Service testing.

UFT 11.5 Features are uncounted ,but above are some prominent countable features in UFT 11.5 which makes stand out from other industry renowned tool .

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UFT 11.5 Patch List

UFT 11.5 Patches

UFT 11.5 Patches :

Unified functional testing ( UFT 11.5 ) released all QTP 11.5 Patches. With these UFT QTP Patches will get support for new features as well as fixes if any.

For any testing automation tool requires patches to fix the issues in production software and support for major features to play vital role in the functional testing market .i.e. Functional Automation tools

HP UFT 11.5 Patches/QTP 11.5 Patches: Below are the major patches for Quickest professional 11.5 & You can download UFT 11.5 Patches from here

1. UFT_00001 :  Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.51 (01/29/2013)

UFT Patch extend support for below environment as well in QTP  :
  •     Windows 8
  •     IE 10
Unified functional testing software pack contains updates related to:
  •     New Environment Support
  •     SAP
  •     Actions
  •     Keyword View (Insert Report Step)
  •     Run Session Stop Key
  •     Errors Pane
  •     Application Areas
  •     Add-ins

Below issues fixed in  HP Unified functional testing UFT 11.5 :

  •     QCUtil.IsConnected throws error “GetLastErrorMessage: this method is not implemented for non-connected qc.” Error even if connected to ALM server
  •     Not possible to import WSDLs stored in QC 10 from UFT 11.5

For more info on this UFT_00001 patch can be found here and Download  UFT_00001 patch for UFT 11.5 here

2. UFTEXA_00001 : Unified Functional Testing Extensibility Accelerator Service Pack 11.51 (02/01/2013)
This Unified functional testing service pack should be used when working with HP UFT Service Pack 11.51

Download  UFTEXA_00001 patch for HP UFT 11.5 here

3. UFTRRV_00001 : Unified Functional Testing Run Results Viewer Service Pack 11.51 (02/01/2013)

This HP UFT 11.5 service pack should be used when working with UFT Service Pack 11.51

Download  UFTRRV_00001 patch for QTP 11.5 here

4. UFTALM_00001 : Unified Functional Testing Add-in Service Pack 11.51 for ALM 11.5 (02/01/2013)

This UFT QTP service pack should be used when working with UFT Service Pack 11.51

Download  UFTALM_00001 patch for ALM 11.5 here

To download all UFT/QTP 11.5 Patches from HP site you have to create a HP passport from here and get the all UFT/QTP 11.5 downloads .

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Visual C++ Runtime Library error in QTP

Visual C++ Runtime Library error

Usually will face this " Visual C++ Runtime Library " error in automation testing while Automating Web Applications.(i.e for browsers)  and also browser  enabled automation testing with automation functional testing tools ( QTP ) .
 Microsoft's Visual C++ Run-time Library error in QTP can happen by :

1.Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries are missing (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package )

2.Software problem.

After research on this unexpected error we let to know the cause is - "BHO" (Browser Helper Object).

A Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a DLL  and it  provides added functionality. to the   Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser & its extensions.

BHO is a API program runs on  start of the Internet Explorer Web browser at every time .Its by default installed by windows OS  along with Internet Explorer Web browser.

Visual C++ Runtime error can resolved by restart the automation tools ( QTP ) without any services , i.e disable all start-up services in computer .

Visual C++ Runtime errors are resolved by upgrade the Internet Explorer version as well.

Steps to Visual C++ Runtime Library error fix  in QTP:


1. Open IE and click on  Tools --> Manage Add-ons
2.Select "Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer"
3.Check for "Browser Helper Object" under "Type" column
4.Select and disable them one by one with the help of "Disable" radio button given below.
5.Run your script whether we got same error or not .

If its not resolved ,  try to  start enable the BHO add-ons and disabled for each and try to run the scripts ,lets identify the which add-on did cause the error.

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Behavior Driven development (BDD) Framework for Agile Test Automation

Behavior Driven development(BDD)Is automation testing adoptable for Agile? What is next generation test automation methodology – Most of the Enterprise clients are following scrum product development. Historically, test automation has not met with the level of success that it could in development .Most often this is the result of misconceived perceptions of the effort and resources necessary to implement a successful, long-lasting automation framework development. Why is this, we might ask? Well, realizing that we must develop reusable test strategies is no different than the reusability concerns of any good application development project. As we set out on our task of automating test, we must keep these past lessons forefront.

BDD Testcases

Here we go for above all answers -- BDD framework , We should focus our automation framework to deal with the common components that make up our unique automation framework that can useful in easy development of testcases as such as Manual tester can do with Library keywords

To deal with this approach we adopted the libraries which can support for different application for different technologies.

What is it?

BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) is a generic test automation framework for agile testing and is an essential practice applied by successful Agile and Scrum teams.

BDD testing capabilities can be extended by various test libraries implemented either with Python or Java, and users can create new and extend keywords from existing keywords using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases

There are many extensions for testing different platforms e.g. Selenium Library for testing web applications.

These libraries are best implemented in Python, but using Java or .NET is also possible.

Easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach.

“Build Framework for our Automation strategy, we must minimize the impact caused by changes in the AUT and changes in the tools we use to test them."

• Enables easy-to-use tabular syntax, using either the hypertext markup language (HTML), tab-separated values (TSV), plain text, or reStructuredText (reST) formats. for creating test cases in a uniform way.

• Allows using keyword-driven, data-driven and behavior-driven (BDD) approaches.

• Provides ability to create reusable higher-level keywords from the existing keywords.

• Provides easy-to-read reports and logs in HTML format.

• Platform and application independent.

• The modular architecture supports creating tests even for applications with several diverse interfaces.

• Provides a simple library API for creating customized test libraries.

• Provides a command line interface and XML based outputs for integration into existing build infrastructure (continuous integration systems).

• Provides support for Selenium for web testing, Java GUI testing, running processes, Telnet, SSH, and so on.

• Remote library interface enables distributed testing and implementing test libraries in any programming language.

• Provides tagging to categorize and select test cases to be executed.

• Has built-in support for variables, practical particularly for testing in different environments

Support Libraries

Web - A web testing library that uses for web applications

DB - Another library for database testing. Implemented with Python and works also on Jython.

SSH & Telnet - A test library that enables SSH and Telnet.

HTTP - test library using livetest & Requests

Web services - This is a test library for the Robot Framework, which allows running and checking SoapUI test. Whatever SoapUI can do (functional tests, load tests etc.) can (will) be wrapped through this test library.

OS – Operating System is Robot Framework's standard library that enables various operating system related tasks to be performed in the system where Robot Framework is running.

Windows - A Windows GUI testing library for Robot Framework (AutoItLibrary)

Mobile - use SikuliLibrary with Robot Framework (Sikuli and Robot Framework Integration - This is not really a library but these instructions explain how to integrate Sikuli tool with Robot Framework)

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MD5 checksum - Verify Integrity of any software downloads

MD5 Checksum
Now a days we will download the various softwares from different websites,but some of the downloads will corrupted . So we unable to identify whether we downloaded right software or not.

To verify the integrity of  software downloads we will use MD5 Checksum tool .

Here is one example to check the integrity of  HP UFT  11.5
software download by  MD5 Checksum tool .

Here is  MD5 Checksum method  on how to verify the integrity of your downloaded UFT  11.5 ISO(or a zip) file -

Step 1:Download MD5 Checksum from this link MD5 Checksum  . Its freeware

Step 2: Browse to the location where you have stored the downloaded UFT ISO file.

MD5 checksum

Step 3: Enter the MD5 Checksum for the version of QTP/UFT you wish to check. List is given below. 

Here is a list of MD5 Checksum for various versions of QTP and the corresponding downloaded file names.

  • UFT 11.5 : 32F56BD3F60CC4FAD15F403351C3B15C  (File name Software_QTP_11.0_English_T6510-15080.iso)

  • QTP 11.00 : 4AED13FF8EB6E7E0B4BF209C814905AF (File name is Software_QTP_11.0_English_T6510_15066.iso)

  • QTP 10.00 : BA1F404F7E2B860744D55964E703816E  (File name is

(Couldn’t find the MD5Checksum for UFT 11.5,but for UFT 11.5 Software_QTP_11.0_English_T6510-15080.iso generated 32F56BD3F60CC4FAD15F403351C3B15C )
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